NWSCC Annual Randonee NorthWesternSydneyCC

DateNov. 10, 2018
Sign On Time6 a.m.
Start Time7:00
CategoryCategory 3 Club/Inter-Club
LicenceElite or Masters Men & Women
More DetailSee race on North Western Sydney CC website
What is a Randonee?

Randonee is a long-distance cycling sport with its origins in audax cycling. In randonneuring, riders attempt long courses passing through predetermined "controls" (checkpoints) along the way. Teams aim to complete the course in the quickest time possible and are expected to be self-sufficient between controls.

The NWSCC Randonee will be taking you on your choice of a 120km+ or 90km adventure through the Hills District of NWSCC where you'll be visiting and checking in to a range of places, both rural and urban. The novelty of this event is that you never know what you may visit, see or have to do in order to pass through a control.

Participants will be riding in teams of 4 - some level of navigation skills may be useful - so if you're good with a map, you might find yourself in high demand. While lightweight is usually coveted in cycling, the clydesdales in our midsts will also be in high demand because teams will all be weighed before they start in order to calculate their weight handicap. Teams with a higher combined weight fare much better than their more suave counterparts.

More details to follow soon

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